Another noob and blueprint question

I’m aiming to get a car blend going this coming week. Is there a definitive idiot-proof tutorial for noobs , gimp and blueprints so they can all work in harmony ?

I’m going to try an Audi A4 or a Skyline GTR (2008)

I’m worried that I’ll never get beyond the blueprint scaling and alignmenr stage. I understand how to get the image into Blender and the different methos people use to align them, as said it is the scaling doing the initial blueprint work hat freaks me out.

First off, get a good blue print image. They are not accurate you know. The original print may be good but in the process of scanning the print, you can get distortions. So, if different view don’t align or scale as it should, don’t bang your head over it. It’s a bad print.

When preparing different images views, you can compare them over each other by layering. This is to see if every thing lines up properly.

In Blender each background image can be scaled and translated independently. Just pick a point on the car to line them up to each other, like hood ornament. Then compare if all the features lines up using grid makings.