Another Noob needs validation...

This is my first posting in any forum so hopefully I did not blow anything away. I’m but another Blender noobie trying to learn as much as possible without relying on the masses, too heavily anyways. The tutorials are great and I am learning slowly.

Anyways, what are your thoughts about the lighting and the overall quality of the rendering (blender internal). I know the glass with what is supposed to be liquid sucks but that comes in good time. For now, I would like some feedback on what you see so far.

Thanks in advance…


thats a pretty good render. Try turning on Ambient Occlusion(in the world tab) to add some extra realisticity.
Godd work so far

For good glass use HDRI. If you want. Small tut:

  1. Download a free HDRI image, there’s plenty, google it.
  2. Go into your world materials. Add new texture.
  3. Make this texture the image texture that you downloaded.
  4. In the material settings: AngMap, HoriUp, HoriDown and the button next to those last two should all be pressed.
  5. Oh wait this is only for YAFRay. Never mind. If someone wants to pick up where I left off for Blender Internal, please do.

they dont have HDRI for blender internal. The closest thing is envmaps…

Good work and well done,keep going and more blendering.:wink:

The Amb Occ worked wonders, even showed how sucky my glass really was. As for the HDRI, I will try one with YaFray as well and use the tut, thanks for the suggestions.


The more that I work at it, the better I will become, at least in theory. hasn’t worked that way in my Golf game but that is for another forum.

Ha, one more thing, when you turn on AO, be sure to turn on ( at the bottom of the tab, beside sub and light). that will create shadows(from objects placeent in the scene) as well as light…just to push it a little more…

Now we have nice glass i see:) .

I will try that, thanks again.

I have a idea.Why you dnot put the glass somewhere in the middile and that dice one or two of them behind glass?:slight_smile: We can see them through glass.You can also dub. some more dice and put it into glas then push glass to line down to the table and take out some dice to around a glass.:wink:

Or you can make dice prisons in the glass,when you put glass above dice,i think its will be fun.:slight_smile:

Interesting thoughts One Faith. Maybe I will. Thanks for the suggestions. :slight_smile: