Another Ocean Storm

(Caronte) #1
  1. No scripts, pure Blender.
    Go to the Spanish website NicoDigital and click on the storm image (Mpg 10 sec. 1,7Mb.).

(ilac) #2

:smiley: :o WOW :o :smiley:

Impressive! I really really like it! :slight_smile:

No scripts, pure Blender… …Just add Caronte… :wink:


(ilac) #3

Ok maybe 2 minor things which become noticable after repeated viewing…

  1. It feels like the viewer/camera should drop down a bit futher and faster than that after the last wave.

  2. Ripples from the rain? Maybe you could have a few tiled circular ripple textures fading in and out.

Still very impressive - including the sound fx! :smiley:

I love the way that last wave comes at you!

(Caronte) #4

The camera is parented to a vertex of the water, the motion is like he was a ship over the water wave. I don’t was move the camera by hand.

Good idea! Next time (may be).

Thanks by your comments :wink:

The last wave is a linear wave instead of circle like the others.

(Ecks) #5

I hate you caronte because during your anim I vomit all over my screen :-? …

ohh and yea your anim is cool…and some ripple from the rain will add a more realistic look (anyway this is very realistic :wink: )

(BgDM) #6

WOW! :o That is all. Beatutiful.


(Caronte) #7

LoL :smiley: :smiley:

(ilac) #8

The camera is parented to a vertex of the water, the motion is like he was a ship over the water wave. I don’t was move the camera by hand.

I realised you probably had the camera parented to a vertex. The problem is that if you really had an object(whether this is the ‘swimmer’, the camera, a boat etc) they would have weight and therefore momentum so they wouldn’t move perfectly with the surface -especially after a drop like that !!

Maybe it’s just my perception. As it is I have to imagine I’m a feather :wink:

None the less it doesn’t detract too much. I think BgDM described it best: Beautiful :smiley:


Thanks by your comments :wink:


You’re welcome. Thank you for showing inspirational work! :slight_smile:

(paradox) #9

As always your work is so impressive. I loved it but could never show it to my father. He has chronic seasickness. He he. This is realistic enough to make him whoozy. Keep it up.


(HpyGoCrazy) #10

Dude, your amazing.

What would make this way better would be some water spraying off the waves and some white water.

(ndnchief) #11

Yea sure mabey, there could be some contructive criticism,but not from me, I am not worthy. That is probably the best photo real animation I have ever seen using blender, and no scripts on top of that, that is just incredible. I cant say how impressive your animation is to me. I like much, and if any other blender heads know of any other animations of this caliber, please post a url to it, because I would love to see more of this quality…

NDNChief, very impressed!!!

(stephen2002) #12

mmm… very good.

Could defintly use some improvements. The rain is clearly just a particle system sitting right in front of the camera, which detracts from the depth of the water.

The sky is just an image texture…correct? The lighting effect is good.

With all of the wind, there should be white-caps on the waves/water. Not easy to do, but it would add an extra bit of realism.

(Caronte) #13

You are right. Next time I will make the particle emiter bigger.


I was think about white-caps on the waves but I don’t find a good solution.

(kaktuswasse) #14

WOW :o :o :o :o

nothing more to say.

(SatoriGFX) #15

Wow, most definitely impressive work. Good lighting, texturing and fx/animation. Nice and moody too.

Is it the best I have seen? No (It could use some splashing, some foam etc…). But so what. It’s really good. And damn good considering what you had to work with.

With the right plugins (hopefully some will come with the rebirth of Blender) even more amazing work will be possible with Blender (in the right hands, of course).

I always look forward to your work.


(Nayman) #16

Ummmm, great… but how did you do it… would love to know.

(wavk) #17

Great going, I like the water material! Has it got subsurface scattering and photon mapped caustics? :wink:

Have fun,


(Caronte) #18

You can read a brief description (Spanish) inside my website.

Thi’s a translation with Google:|en&hl=es&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&prev=%2Flanguage_tools

(BMD) #19

how’d you do the sound? you can’t do it in blender, right?
wow… :o i’m astonished!

(Caronte) #20

Sounds downloaded fron @ and mixed with DDClipPro demo version (fully functional up to 10 seconds).