Another on bus drawing....

Went for another job application:

I know the arms and hands and legs are sooo messed up just got pissed off oh the bus cuase it keep moving a lot.

Did a lil photoshop:

i wasnt aware shins could bend like that…

cool image though, i love the pose.

um… well now sure about skin… hm… um is it too ruff?

Keep in mind I’ve never taken an art class

Cool drawing. Traitor always has something smart to say. Too bad there isn’t an ignore list on here. Or is there?

All right, regardless of traitor’s witty comments, at least he points out information :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Is the jiggling of the bus getting to ya, Sutabi? :wink:
I like her head position, but that’s about it. I see what you’re trying to convey, but it doesn’t work because of anatomical size issues (i.e. her hands and feet are too small) and the lack of attention it pays to gravitational demands ;D If you’re going for fantastical, then sure, unique idea!
I’ve noticed something about you, though, which makes me wonder – is it inherently true that girls will always girls better than they draw guys, and that guys will always draw guys better than they draw girls, and that neither heterosexual member of each gender likes to draw members of the same gender?