Another one ...


Just another Indigo rendering, I tried to play with sun light through blinds.

All your works are pretty and realistic, thumbs up! Your works are quite killers to computer, am I right? :slight_smile:

You are really fantastic!
How much of your works are in the gallery?
10? 20?
You’re great!

BIG! only crit are the planks maybe, think because of the light they seem to be a bit unsharp or somethin, but its normal that the floor is that dark in that light situation

While this is fantabulistic, I do have a small crit.
The towel on the shelf on the right appears to have part of it floating, but maybe mine eyes are playing tricks on me is all.
Anyhow, it’s really realistic looking! Good job.

Looks great. The whole scene is quite boring though. How did you do the towels they look quite real :open_mouth: They look awesome

I just like Indigo renders!

Top Enrico quality, as usual. I shudder at the thought of the time it took you to cook this image!

Man! this is incredible!
Could you provide the blend file?