Another pair of mine

Okay, another pair of pictures - first is very WIP and second - almost done.

  1. Mobile rubber syringe as a deterrent with target lock-in hooks

  2. Stereo gramophone (patented :slight_smile: )

Hope these pictures will make you smile :smiley:

Are you playing ACDC on that record player?

Nice models, may I see your lighting settings for the second image?

Nice job!

I love the way the wheels in that model.

i like the models,they look very good.

why dont u put that in finished projects?..they are cool


Enriq766 Stands up and applauds!!!

I like the Record player, The star shape is cool. I like the skull too.

Here they come - gramophone zip with blend file (1.62M) and deterrent zip with blend file (336K)

First one is just a model - no materials and UV yet. Second is almost complete - I just want to add something to reflection - now it just default blender sky. So after finishing it I will be pitting it to finished projects. Some day … :slight_smile: