another physics engines ?

does blender GE support another physics engines ?
thanks :smiley:

edit :- i don’t meant that bullet isn’t good , but i heared before that there were another physics engine than bullet

there’s the old built-in Sumo engine… and I think you can technically plug in any physics engine if you want to code it up a little?

Search for the Ogre integration. Ogre-> awesome…it has realtime shadows, and can run with more polys…

Ogre isn’t a physics engine there bud :), it’s a graphics engine.

Blender doesn’t have any sort of “built-in” support for other physics engines, but it is open-source, so if you want to take the time to code in an implementation of one you’re more than welcome.

What about .dll cant you use some kind of physics dll in blender?

oh yah it’s like: Object oriented Graphics Rendering Engine…yah something like that.