Another Planet crtique

Hello! I have recently posted my finished work in the finished projects forum. This was for a blender guru competition a while back but never had the time to finish it until the summer. However, I need critique on it in order to better my skills. So here it is! Please do not hesitate to offer any critique you have for this image. :yes:

Double click for better resolution

Awesome image! My critique would be that the landscape in the picture doesn’t stand out from anything else in the picture - it’s super cool, but what we can see is all the same. You should make it where it stands out, or have a different subject within the landscape that can draw our attention. I hope that’s helpful!

Thx TSPhillips! It was very helpful! Composition and story is key i am learning after this project :yes:

Another render at a different angle and different composition

Oh, yes, that is better. Really draws you in.

Thx! changing the angle and composition is about the most ill do with this render as this project is finished. But you’re advice really helped and ill apply it in future renders. Thank you :yes: