Another Planet

Hello Blender artists! It has been a few months since I’ve posted a work, but my latest project, inspired by Pandora from the movie Avatar, is finished and I am quite happy with it. I started it for Andrew Price’s Another Planet competition that was a while back but my school work restricted my time on this project so I could not finish it for the competition. However, after summer started I had the time to work diligently on it and finish it. I hope you like it! Constructive criticism is always welcomed.

Double Click for better resolution

Render time: 2 hours 42 min.
Poly count: over 10 million
Samples: 300
Slight enhancement in gimp

there’s a lack of a focal point here. The dof is confusing and so is the mist. Was it composited?

Yes it is composited, but there actually is no dof only mist and clouds. I was trying to make the focal point the first mountain on the left as I have made most of the sunlight directed to it

Here is the viewport render with all the multires modifiers off

I agree that the clouds might be alittle distracting but I found it to be more realistic to see atleast a few clouds when you’re this high in the air. Here is a render without the clouds but there is still a mist.

I actually enjoy the clouds, it gives it a nice sense of depth. However, not to beat the horse but the focal point is somewhat ambiguous.

Yea not the first time hearing that one. what would’ve given it a more clear focal point?

Maybe putting a worn down tree or some kind of object or plant that sets the focal point. So if you wanted the structure in the middle to be the focal point, you could add a lone tree etc. Leading lines, etc Composition is very important. I think that BlenderGuru (Andrew Price) does a great job explaining how useful Composition is and how to use it!

I actually thought of that haha. I tried to use the mountain pillars as leading lines to the floating islands as they point straight up to them. However, I didn’t use the rule of thirds so much. As a sort of landscape shot, I wanted the viewer’s eyes to pan across the whole image. Is that distracting and vague to the viewer?

I found that my eyes were focusing on the various roundish floating rocks/islands. They seemed very prominent and important given the image. This is just my opinion, I always try to keep a story to the image. Maybe a run down building, crumbling could be in the middle, which is telling us that the civilization that lived here as gone extinct. Personally, I had an idea for this very competition of the contact of humans and aliens and the repercussions of the contact. I.e death, disease or war. So, maybe you could add like a space probe that is crash landed and then the building is run down? These are just ideas

Yea you’re right. I overlooked the story of the image. I was focused more on creating the world instead of telling a story with it. I actually did another render at a different angle with dof and i think the focal point is more clear.

Changing the angle and composition of the shot is about the most ill do with this image, for it is finished. However, i’ll apply the very helpful advice in this forum to future projects :yes: