Another pool balls

That’s mycurrent work in progress

I’m workin at the balls now.

need C&C

The balls themselves look pretty good I think. But the wood looks a little rough… are you using a Nor map? The green looks a little too bright as well.

Hope I’m not too harsh. :wink: Keep us updated.

I know about that, but I’m working now at the balls.

nice start

although i haven’t played pool in a while…

from memory, it looks like there’s too much of a defined line when the specular reflection stops and the ball becomes less shaded:

i mean, the line (overly exaggerated in neon green) is a little to sharp…

but that is just my opinion


Your balls look fine to me - perhaps I should rephrase that. I think it’s just your scene is too bright. Pool balls do have a hard reflection but usually they are in dark pool halls so you don’t notice the lines so much.

If you tone down whatever lighting setup you’re using, add a noise bump map to your cloth and darken the green (reduced lighting might do that) then it should be fine. Try to match this: