Another Pool Pic! (Ooo.)

There have certainly been a few pool pics here lately, by Prince, etc, so…

Well, I’ve seen quite a few CG pool pictures, so I decided to give it a go myself. I believe there was a tutorial outlining a pic quite like this in the event that someone else wants to give it a go, though I went off of vague memories.

The pool ball textures are both procedural and image based. I made the images myself in Photoshop after a rather fruitless search on the interenet for high res pics. I made the bump map in Photoshop as well. Anyhow. The procedural textures are simply low noise size stucci and the flecks on the cue are musgrave multifractal with low noise size.

I need to work on the reflections, lighting and perhaps more on the textures, etc.

boy do i start a craze when i make a pic! lol! :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway the only thing i’d say to improve is actual reflections (structures not seen except in reflections) also make the green look more like felt not just a plane!

nice start but needs work! :wink:

The felt definately needs a bump.

anyway the only thing i’d say to improve is actual reflections (structures not seen except in reflections)

What? Structures? What structures? You mean the window and such? How would that be seen, save in the reflection? The camera (such as it is) is looking straight at the balls from above. Please clarify.

add light fixture from above and windows from walls as well as a pool rack and the bumpers and pockets! reflections still show those details so you have to make them if you want it to be cool! that’s just my two cents! :wink:

btw the reflected objects don’t have to be high detail in fact you could get by with photographs! a person standing over the balls holding a stick would be cool too!

Gotcha. I think. Is English your first language?

I’ll post an update soon.

very trendy stuff the balls a lookin good i also made my own textures for the balls in photoshop but i don’t think my numbers where as good. nice work

I made the map huge, which helped. The font is just copperplate.

I’ve said this about pictures like this before … shadows…good shadows can make this pic look more realistic … with things like this one has to avoid letting the objects look like they are floating… good shadows give the objects a sense of weight…

I really like the materials/textures on the balls themselves. It’s very well done and realistic I think.

As has already been said, it would look better with a felt material underneath.


what do you mean with gothcha? and yes english is my first language. [!] :stuck_out_tongue: 8) :wink:

Well, I worked on getting a felt material, changing the reflections, lighting it more realistically, etc…and unfortunately I only feel like one of those things actually worked, that being the reflections, which were acheived by putting the things in a bit of an environment. I know that a lot of pool halls are either entirely glowing with lights overhead or quite dim, so I went with glowing. I used a series of area lamps, all of which decided to cancel out the shadows of each other, so it doesn’t even look like there are shadows… the overwhelming light also seems to have washed out my felt bump map. So, perhaps more later, but here is what we have. I also experimented with using skytexture AO to give it a bit more realistic lighting, but I’m not especially satasfied with the results. I think my area lights washed that out too. :< Anyhow. Next I’ll go for the dirty dingy pool hall look. Enough blabbering:

the reflections are great and the only thing to change (which is like you said) is lighting to allow for better shadows and perhaps that will allow your felt to show up more. nice work! :wink:

still what’s up with gotcha?

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yes i know that but i guess the way i read it I thought you meant gotcha as in i fooled you! %|

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I still think you’re from Qatar or somewhere of the like. Do you fail school papers, or do you simply choose to write like this?

lol! :smiley:

actually it is cause i don’t care and i was typing as fast as i could! (75wpm)!

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I think the reflections are too intense. The balls look like metal. I’d say real pool balls are plastic and less reflective.

Whoowee! Okay. I’m not writing a manuscript, now then am I? In fact, I never said I was using even a semblance of correct grammar, I merely explained in which manner I was using “gotcha.” I’m writing in a forum most widely populated by people in middle school.

Being gramatically correct would not involve saying “have you”, it would involve saying, “I understand you.” Leave it alone. You’re thirteen, aren’t you? Are you even in high school?

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i understand you! boy we make a match of rivals! i am in high school - almost done! ya let’s leave it alone! :wink: