Another problem rig

I havn´t been rigging since 2.40. I´ve created a rigg that is impossible to understand. The behaviour I mean. Been searching all over the net, read all tutorials but likewise the rigg WONT behave. Can someone take a look at it and tell me what´s wrong with it. Clue: The spine wont stay static while moving it down. Moves forward/left. Funny, eh?

Here it is:

Thanx in advance.

The only thing that I see that might be causing the problem is the fact that you have the IK ChainLen value at 0 for the bone IK.Hal.R (sorry no umlauts on my pc) . Just set that to 2 just like you have for the other one (IK.Hal.L) …

YYYYAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!! I love you man! Ehum…sorry…
It worked. They´ve put in a bunch of functions I never seen before. Sorry for the funny names. Swedish you know.


You can delete those bones, and just apply the IK directly to the “shin” bones too. “Null” bones for constraints are no longer necessary.

Some of your finger bones IK’s ChainLens’ are not consistent either (“3” appears to be the correct value)