Another Problem with 3ds exporter - solved

Like some others I had problems with exported 3ds files and freestyle. I seems that deleting all materials, joining all meshes into one and deleting lights and camera solved the problem. Just in case, someone has the same problem.

Thanks for the info.
Been back to messing with Freestyle again,with word of intergration:).
Joining all meshes has worked for me before,an I’ll give the other ones was a try.

So Bandar…did you get my PM with the modified script?

In the above fix, did you modify your own script, use my version or is this default 2.42a export? Either way, thanks for the tip in case freestyle causes me problems again.


P.S> Often it seems that models are inverted in freestyle - I tried swapping normals in Blender but the problem persists. Any ideas?

I used my own modified version of the script (de-commented).

It seems that the Materials caused the problem (i use 2.42a).

BTW: Do you know, if there is any ressource for additional style modules?

If you mean other than the ones included in the download file, then yes.

Have a look on the freestyle website at the gallery and you’ll find the style modules used to make the given images:

Personally, I find that together with this, I have enough to style modules to do what I want. Often I tweak the module myself (very easy even though I haven’t touched Python in a long time).

If you are interested, you can follow the tutorial on the freestyle website - I read through it and it would make sense if I bothered to start experimenting.

Other than that there are no resources I know of. What are your favorite style modules by the way. Mine are the japanese brushes, the extended backbone and the blueprint modules.


P.S> Got your PM btw.

P.P.S> Do you think it would be worth e-mailing the author/s of Freestyle to show some support/encouragement? Freestyle is great!


I think I’m using your modified script,an have no problems with with materials but still have to join the mesh before export.

I like keeping the materials for export,cause once your inside Freestyle you can celshade,then flat shade your scene with the page up/page down button,then drop the style modules on top of that.

Do you think it would be worth e-mailing the author/s of Freestyle to show some support/encouragement? Freestyle is great!
I never wanted to bug these nice people about the intergration into blender,but I am going to let then knowthey have created a great program,and there work is much appreciated.

Btw,posted some test stills here.
Most of these models I couldn’t import till the modification.