Another problem with noise in Cycles Render...

Hi. Im very new with rendering in Cycles Render. Yesterday i tried render some models with lots of reflection and diamond dispension effect. Final everywhere are lots of noise (white pixels by GPU compute and black pixels by CPU).
If it’s important my hardware:

i5 2500k
nVidia 560Ti

My questien is how to set up Integrator for this models. What is important. Thanks for answers.

btw. really sory for my language.

Quick question, are you using area lights? there are a lot of Fireflies in your image, have you tried Mesh Emitters? :wink:

The problem could be in the Glossy shader. Set the roughness of all Glossy shaders to 0.0 and try again.

I found solution to the problem with black/white pixels in render. I used Mix Shader : Glossy + Glossy ( Image Texture ) in rings, when I deleted the texture , all it’s fine. So the reason is maybe bad texture or some set up texture on rings.

About light, I used Emmission not area.

This is result:
I’ll try use a different texture, and if that does not work, i’ll change the settings.

Thanks for answer and help !:slight_smile:

I imagine that mixing Glossy twice would be an issue, is it not possible to add the texture to one glossy shader?

You’re right, I’m using Glossy twice. I must change to one glossy then the final result is better than earlier render. There is final result:

Looks good! I did see somewhere some node settings on here for different gold shaders, might be worth checking out too unless you posted that yourself :wink: