Another project finished in Blender and another set of bugs?/feature suggestions

I did a few simple backgrounds renders for a live action TV commercial in blender/cycles as well as some animated butterflies and a animated logo. Pretty vanilla TV project really. As with my previous project I tried to write down some bugs I find along the way as well as some feature suggestions that may improve on the workflow, all based on a real commercial project (low budget one :).

Here is the bug/features listing.

B11 - Drag and drop from file browser works only in one window, doesn’t work on second window
B12 - Drag and drop doesn’t work with multiple image files
B13 - Multiple UVProjects with multiple UVmaps dont work as expected (try multiple decals)

F1 - Auto zoom extents to F-curve (multiple normalized toggle) - Normalize the extents and the center
F2 - Animated cursor toggle for Graph editor as its impossible to scale frames from cursor while playing

Here are some pictures from the project.

I just realized maybe users/developers that use only Blender maybe don’t know how F-Curve normalizing works. Here is the Softimage example:


Would be awesome if you could post the bug/issues you found on the Blender bug tracker :slight_smile:

Bug Tracker URL :

I always post to bug tracker, but just the confirmed bugs. So if anyone has a little time to test the listed possible bugs, I would be grateful.

F1 - Auto zoom extents to F-curve (multiple normalized toggle) - Normalize the extents and the center

I just watched Sergey’s presentation at the Blender conference and this one is already done for Caminandes team. Way to go! Big thanks to Sergey and Caminandes team for pushing for the feature.

Maybe the graph/dope animated cursor thingy (F2) could also be solved easily.

To explain better, the current time is used as a origin for scaling in those editors and while you can play and fine tweak the animation with the grab (move keys) tool you cant do the same with scale tool (this could be used for fine tweaking phase or amplitude on multiple keys) since the origin moves with cursor while playing.