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Ok, i am following the the bongo tutorial and my face and body looks like theirs but when i press Z it looks all block but theirs looks all smooth,how do they do this?

That link is taking me to some odd page, anyway, I think I know what the problem is. Select your object, press F9 and look in the buttons window for a button calld Subsurf. You will see 2 numbers underneath (both 1). What this does when you click subsurf is iit divides each face of your mesh into four parts and smooths it out a bit, the number on the left controls how many times it does this (try putting it to 3), the number on the right controls how many times it is subdivided when you render.

Hope that helps.

It works! thank you so muck it looks so much better now :smiley:

Ok I have run it to 2 more problems. 1 how do you mirror an object?
2 Where is the remove doubles button??

  1. Ctrl+M
    Chances are you want to mirror a duplicate, so you have both sides, so Shift+D, Esc, Ctrl+M - the esc cancels the move that starts automatically when you duplicate.

  2. in the W menu in editmode, or in editbuttons (F9), or in the mesh menu somewhere… Any of these will do the job.

Yeah I’ve had troubles with mirroring before (like the mirrored side would be all black, tried reversing normals but that didn’t help).

Go into edit mode and make sure you don’t have any vertices hidden (h will hide selected vertices, shift+h will hide unselected vertices, alt+h will unhide all). You will probably be wanting to mirror on one axis (probably the x-axis). So press shift+c to centre the cursor, then in the buttons at the bottom of the view window, select ‘rotate around cursor’ it might already be selected (icon looks like a crosshair) but just click the buttons to have a look.
Once you have done that, go into object mode, make sure your object is selected, then press shift+d. If you move the cursor you will see a duplicate moving around, right click to cancel the movement. Then go into edit mode again, press a to select all vertices, then press ctrl+m and select X Global. If that is the wrong axis press u to undo the mirror then ctrl+m to try another axis. Once you have it the way you want go into object mode, select both sides as they are seperate objects) press ctrl+j and click join selected. Then go into edit mode, press a till all vertices are selected and click rem doub (in the F9 area of the buttons window). You may need to go in and make sure that the vertices to join are really on the axis as even being slightly off can prevent the joining (best to do this before mirroring). But increasing the number on the right of the Rem Doub button will mean that the vertices won’t need to be so close to be joined.