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(timb0) #1

I’m really sorry, the knowledge base isn’t working…

How can I move objects from one layer to another layer, hopefully without moving it’s position on the screen?

(overextrude) #2

Well, first, move your object over to the far left of the window. Then rotate it to the left three times. Then move it back toward its origin about three spaces on the grid. Then close your eyes and clap four times. Open your eyes, and voila…oh…that’s something else. :smiley:

No, all you have to do is select your object, type the M-key, and then select the destination layer. Much easier.

(Detritus) #3

But what does CTRL + M-key do? It seems to have the same function.

(haunt_house) #4

Or do it in the EDITH-buttons (f9). The twenty buttons tell you, where your object is visible. Multiple choice is possible.

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(timb0) #5

Thanks. :smiley: