Another Question

How do I go from one seperate object to another? Is that possible.

Go from? What exactly do you mean? Do you mean selecting it with the right mouse button when in object mode?


One of the design features of blender is that things generally work the same no matter what you’re doing. So in 3D View Edit Mode, you select vertices with the Right Mouse (unless you’ve changed that in Preferences), just as in 3D Object Mode you select objects with the Right Mouse, just as in IPO Curve Editor you select curves the same way, in IPO Curve Editor Edit Mode select control points the same way, etc.

Same for keys. Use ‘G’ to grab the selected thing and move it around, etc.

As blender has matured into a more feature-rich program, some irregularities have occurred. But in general the original design philosophy has permeated it.

Hope this helps.