another question

i know, i know…i’m probably very annoying! but i really want my game to work! :frowning:

my problem now is…probably normals.
some faces dont show their texture, they just stay transperent! i’m guessing it’s a problem with the normals…so my question is : what’s the best way to fix it? and how do i SEE at what direction the normals are pointing

thanks, and sorry for being annoying

:wink: Somebody didn’t go through the blender manual… Although you’re using it purely for the GE I’m guessing. You should still go through some of the basic stuff on the regular blender side. ie: armatures, basic modeling, actions, etc. Loads easier when you have more general knowledge on how to use it more.

Ok, to see normals. Select object. Go into Edit Mode. Press F9 and on the right most panel you’ll see the options you need. If your object is completely closed, just press ctrl-n in edit mode to recalculate the normals so they face outside.

Jason Lin

In edit mode, under the edit button window, press Draw Normals.

now…it’s not the normals…something else is the problem

If it isn’t the normals, you’re missing faces. :stuck_out_tongue: (i.e. it’s probably the normals.) Try setting all faces to “twosided” (in the edit buttons in face mode), if that fixes it, it IS the normals.

you mean double sided? it was already selected, if that’s not what you mean, where exactly is that thing?

No not double side. Go into face select mode (F-key) and in the edit buttons window you should see a twoside button.

But don’t use Twosided unless you need it, in a case where the face will be seen from both sides! If you use Twosided on every face, you can slow the framerate.

Check the other face settings. Make sure they aren’t set to invisible. Normals should be pointing out. Flip normals that are pointing inward while in edit mode with the W-key.

If you can select the invisible faces while in face select mode (F-key), then those faces have normals pointing inward or they are set to invisible (which they shouldn’t be unless you were messing around with it). Select them and press Tab to enter edit mode, then press the W-key and select Flip Normals

If you can’t select them, then there are no faces there. But I assume there are because it would be obvious when you are in shaded mode (Z-key).