Another Question...

Hey Guys,

How Would I change this so that the player faces the right way? I have spent like 4 hours trying all kinds of stuff… Its just not working.

I always seem to be stuck with the dumb questions, oh well


RunBack.blend (142 KB)

Use the Edit Object>Track To actuator.

Also, there is no such thing as a dumb question, only dump people who cannot understand them. :wink:

Edit: Use the time value to change how long it will take to turn to what ever it is turning to.

Also, another way is to just turn and then stop when say…a ray sensor gets activated.

I’m not sure what you want to do. Please elaborate.

Nice Lego guy though.

Basically, hes running backwards. Thanks for the comment on the lego dude, hope I dont get sued lol.

Should I just add the .blend file so you can see what I mean? Edit: Yes I think I had better do that

@Sunjay03- I tried that during my 4 hours of frustration (cool name, Ill remember it for later use).

Here is an example I did for someone else: Link

The reason its probably walking backwards, is because you haven’t set its track axis in the object settings.

Aha! I understand now! Thanks! 4 hours when I could have just asked a 5 minute question. Oh well…

Edit: I just tried it, but it doesn’t seem to work. Well I attached the .blend file if you wanted to take a look at it. Its on the first post.

…your object is set to move backwards…:rolleyes:

uhhhhh… i tried changing the y axis to -y and nothing happened…

Edit: Fixed that, now he runs away from the cone instead of towards it.

Well, Im going to bed now. Thanks for all your help! Your really awesome!

Okay…so change the motion on the motion actuator to minus AND change the track settings to -y as shown in the blend example.

Ahhhhhh. I got it now! Thank you so much for you help!!!

Haha. No problem. :slight_smile: