Another render engines

Does anybody knows another render engine like Indigo for blender? besides Sunflow… there isnt more renderers than yafray, indigo and sunflow? wich is the more realistic?:confused:

there’s POVRay, but you need another program like poseray first to export your scene to poseray, and then render in POVRay, however Indigo and Yafray are probably the best, at least in terms of cost and how efficient it is

Don’t forget Kerkythea. Also, there’s Radium… seems still in development.

As to which is the most “realistic”, that’s entirely up to you. Each of the options listed so far have their advantages, but its mostly up to the user as to how he/she leverages their respective features to the best advantage.

If by “realistic” you mean that which most closely imitates reality, then you’re likely looking for one which models the behavior of light and its interaction with objects and materials in the most accurate way on a technical level. The latest rage in this regard is MLT-based calculation, but as to whether or not its the most “realistic” is debatable. Much depends on how it gets implemented.

Perhaps you could more clearly describe why you ask, what you’re after and what kind of rendertimes you need to get there… ?

Ya know, there are literally hundreds of threads like this one. Just do a search and you will see a bunch of other curious people saying the same thing you did. I am watching Igneus which looks to be very promising.