Another replace mesh/armature problem

I got the replace mesh working for one character’s cloths. It seems like the mesh object that holds the “replace with” mesh must be in the same location as the replaced mesh. (even if it is not parented and on a different layer). The problem is, when i try to use it on 2 characters (same armature data) the second would have to start in the same spot as the first. (2 physics objects starting in the same spot = …)

I want to avoid duplicating all of the mesh data for all of my costumes for each character.

maybe I could have the other players start on a different layer. (can you switch layer in-game with python?)

any ideas internet?

OK, I found a solution. I solved it by putting the other character on a different layer in the same position as the costumes, and using an add object actuator than changing the added objects name.

wow. I guess that makes this post kind of useless… so a mod can delete this if they think so too… unless someone else has the same problem… but I digest.