another rig-mesh problem

Well, as you can see, I still have a problem. The head is not “breaking apart” anymore, but the mesh is not holding shape as I rotate it. When I parented the eyes to the head mesh they did not follow properly, but seemed to ‘lag’ behind. Once again, there are no extra vertices or overlapping faces. The mesh almost seems to be being ‘pulled’ in the direction of the roll.
Any ideas?

You should post a new blend whenever you’ve got a new problem. Anyway, to (maybe) fix this, you should select a vertex in the head, then box select (or marquee or whichever you prefer) the rest of the head vertexes. In the n-panel you will see something called Vertex Groups with a bunch of numbers. Set DEF-head to 1.000 and the rest to 0.000, then press copy. This should fix your first problem. You may want to select a vertex on the edge loop where the head and neck meet, select the rest of the edge loop and set DEF-neck to 1.000 and the rest to 0.000 to see if it looks better.

Next, the eyes, did you parent them to MCH-head.001? Try changing it in the eyes’ Object panel under relations.

captain (444 KB) Thank You very much, now, hopefully, the last so called problem. seems as if the head when it is rotated no longer “moves” with the body. Any ideas?

My mistake, forgot to armature-parent the mesh! Thanks for all the help, bet I’m going to need more!