Another rigg problem

I kind of have another problem now with my finnshed rig. when i moves the bone in one of the hands a part of the hand stays were it started, the same is for many others of the bodyparts, wath can i do to deal with that?
here is the .blend file
by the way, wath does iconv Error means?

Geez I wish you had kept this question up in your last thread instead of editing it . I wrote a reply and by the time I got around to post you had edited your last post … and I figured you had solved your problem …

OK let do this again .

  1. You are using the default envelopes to move your mesh since you applied the armature from the modifier stack and have both vertex groups and envelopes turned on (by default) .
    To help you visualize what I’m talking about : select your armature then in the buttons window F9 (editing) go to the Armature Panel . Under Display Options and below the bone layers buttons there are four draw type modes . Select Envelope . Your armature will now be displayed in the 3d view as cylinder with spheres at each tip . If you select an individual bone the spheres will turn orange and and an “envelope” will appear around it . this shows you graphically the area that that bone will effect the mesh .
  2. You can adjust the area of influence by two methods .
    a) Simply by scaling the bone or either tips . Bigger means more area of influence .
    b) In the Buttons Window in F9 under the Armature Bones panel next to the BO: field there is a Dist: field currently set at 0.04 by default . You can increase the value higher for a greater area of influence manually there . And this will visually update in the 3D window .

But You have a couple of other issues with your armature :

  1. It is not centered properly . Especially from the top view .
  2. For some reason you did not use the X-Axis Mirror function when building your armature and consequently your armature is not symmetrical . The X-Axis Mirror button is under the Armature panel in F9 in the Buttons Window next to X-Ray . Just press down on Shift while extruding out from the root bone . This way you only have to do half the work :wink:

And a final thought : the MH mesh you are using is a little too complicated to animate using envelopes . It would be better to use weight painting and or named vertex groups . But that is subject that would take too much time here to discuss here . It would be better if you looked it up in the Wiki or go over the link Mike_S gave in your last post (you can just skip to the rigging part if you want).

I’m sorry I delited that, but I didn’t think it fited in there. Thank you wery mutch for thees tips!