another rigging way?

hey when i rigg my characters i add bones inside the mesh as usual then i select the vertesies i wannt and add them to the bones vertex. but with very very complex moddels thats is just to hard and can take up to a few days to make, isnt there any other way to rigg a really advanced moddel?

I am curious as to what you think is a very very complex model and still a character. Do you have any screenshots? or is this just a hypothetical question?

In your method do you parent the mesh to the armature? When you say ‘the bones vertex’ do you mean a vertex group? Have you got a simple rigged character you could post so people could see what ‘your way’ is presently?

Have you tried rigify?

It sounds like you’re adding vertices to vertex groups in Edit mode. That’s pretty much the most tedious possible method. Have you tried either using Automatic Weights when parenting your armature, or using Weight Paint mode to edit those vertex groups?

Ye im parenting in editmode, what is rigify? And i have seen People Who use vertex paint but i dont knop how to do it. When i say complex moddel i mean i just made Iron man and he have very many super small detailes, and that makes it take time to parentin in editmode. I always start to use automatic parentin but it never works

Follow this tutorial and make a simple rig for your ironman character. It should work well unless your ironman is made of many separate objects and has lots of overlapping meshes. But that’s not a rigging problem, that’s a modeling problem.

Are you going to post screenshots so we don’t have to try to work blind here?