Another Room

I have given up on my kitchen project, and I decided to start on something a little less organic in the shape department.

It will be rendered in Indigo, all modeling done in blender (obviously) and texture work done in photoshop.

Modeling so far: (maybe ~4-5 hours)

Ill post a render when I get the materials to look right.

Here is a render, some materials are done. excuse the noise, I only let it render for about an hour.

Looks good so far. I think a few more hours rendering would help make it look a bit better.

Here we are, part of the mini bar.

This is only a test render, so it is rater grainy

Maybe I should try Indigo considering these results, now I know Indigo has an unbiased render but any way you can set the accuracy of global illumination? Like you can have illumination less accurate but it’ll render faster?

Gosh, I don’t know, still rather new to Indigo…sorry

Here is the other end of my room, so far, I only let it render for 11 hours, so the noise is still pretty prevelent.

(Don’t ask about the green things, its a chalkboard with the wrong material assigned.)

I am also debating turning off the emitters, so I get more “natural” sunlight.