Another RPG Game...

I feel very unoriginal seeing so many rpg projects going on right now, but I’m still gonna post my work. Its not a working demo or anything playable, its simply a graphical demo to get some critique from you guys. And then I can decide whether i should continue on or just stop and go do something simpler.

Blend File:

Should run on most systems. The textures are only 256x256. Turn of mipmaps so it doesn’t look so blurry.

I’m experimenting with a landscaping technique that blends two tiling textures using a third mapping texture. If there is a better way to do this please do enlighten me.

Love the building and love the landscape. Much better building texturing than what I can do. By the way is there any chance that you could let me use that roof texture, it would be much appreciated, but I would understand if you didn’t.

Go ahead i got the texture from I just cropped it and made it somewhat tilable.

Great stuff! Go, go, go!

Quite a few polygons for just a tiny building and landscape. Cut down the polys please, or your game will go slooooooww

other than that, good lookin stuff :smiley:

Here is a control scheme I’m working on. It has dynamic force (quite a lot of python scripting) that allows you to climb objects and simulate slippery floors and stuff like that. Speed is limited (not just constant force application) to make it more controllable and realistic. If you don’t press anything the control actually resists any forced movements.

Controls are:
WASD - movement
E - climb/jump
Q - descend
Left Shift - run

Try climbing the wall or clicking on the switch (sry no cursor).

Anyone can use this scripting for their own projects.

There is never “just” another RPG game. RPG is a whole genre of games, and many are based. You might just want to come up with a name and call it that instead of Just another RPG.

I like your texturing. It looks really good, and you seem very good at texturing. I will learn a lot off of what you just did.

EDIT: Wow, I just learned so much off of that. Thanks a lot for sharing that with the blender community.

THIS is the best texture site I’ve ever seen by far…

Oh yeah. The download quota is huge too!

Sry! The landscape was just quickly thrown in. Future landscapes will have alot fewer polys.

The texturing was done extremely quickly with just box uv calculations and seamless textures. A bit of color was added via vertex painting to simulate a bit of decay and some shadows.

hey, the controls you have are coming along nicely and the building is very nice.
If you wanted a short script to make the default mouse appear in the game engine, just ask :slight_smile:


:stuck_out_tongue: import rasterizer, showmouse :smiley: of course, not in this script way, i forget how. also, off topic, but will there be a custom made mouse, and how do you make one?

Controls are kind of weird, but work very well

The custom made mouse (being used in the game engine as a mouse) is a case of: Scripting, UV mapping and some logic. If you wanted a tutorial on how to make one there is a thread somewhere (easier to search for it) that has one.

the first download is cool, but is it supossed to do dosomething other than open its door? and the sencond one, when i press P to play, says there is no camera and proceeds to show a wall and a lot of blue space. is this supossed to happen?

other than that, great work!

Hi I can not download the game I’m from the Netherlands so maybe has something to do with it?
I am twelve years old, so my English is maybe not so good
I myself have made ​​a game (it’s my first game so its not too critical) Here is a movie of it:

Hi I can not download the game I’m from the Netherlands so maybe has something to do with it?
I am twelve years old, so my English is maybe not so good
I myself have made ​​a game here is a movie of it:
This is my first game so its not too critical)

Please do not resurrect old threads. If you look at the post above you, you can see that it was posted in 2008. I’m sure the person who uploaded the game probably took it down years ago.

First Download link doesnt work :frowning: Oh nvm…