Another sci-fi comic in blender

For a long time, I’ve been wanting to write a comic. However, I am not very good at drawing, so, after considering a few options, I decided to do it in blender. I’ve been practicing making characters now for the last few months (among other projects), and finally have a reasonably good main character:

She is not perfect, especially around the hands and feet she’ll need more work. Feedback is appreciated.

Again, this is a comic, and I want to be able to finish a scene within a reasonable amount of time. I found making explosions rom hair rather than particles looks way cooler, and also more sci-fi ish, since the rest of the scene could possibly be modern.

This is a later panel, same scene. The main character is hiding inside a building. I tired to make a bit of a creepy effect by turning the camera. Sort of ruined by the bad broken glass. I didn’t do the minor characters myself. This one is from Autodesk character generator.

Helicopter type flying object I’ll need tor the next page.

I want to keep giving everything a bit of a “future” look even though most of this technology isn’t that advanced. Most helicopters have one propellor on top, or multiple smaller propellors. Two big propellors plus a tent-style cabin seems original enough. (If not very practical)
The camouflage is generated by using greater than on a noise texture as a mix factor between two colors. I generated the hologram and the textures for the dials with a python script.
The cloth intersections have been fixed, but I didn’t want to render the whole thing again.

Another one! Welcome to the club :smiley:
Good work here so far!

This is the third sci fi comic I’ve seen on here. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but it’s a strange coincidence. Is there some sort of event or celebration going on that I haven’t heard about or something?

I don’t know why so many comics started at the same time. I started way back in may, so I guess it must be a coincidence.
This is a closeup of the underside, landing gear, and radar. I think I am mostly done with this helicopter, the next step will be turning this into a group with different combinations of animations at different times. Then, I can import the group into my main file, and get some nice shadows.

My helicopter in a scene. I hadn’t realized how oversized this thing is. I hope nobody notices the alley got four-five times as wide since the helicopter landed, or that the propellor still intersects with the buildings in the back.

This is the stairs collapsed. Again, I hope nobody notices that there is no way for this think to unfold, since the two support poses have to switch places. It looks fine for 100 out of 130 degrees of the unfolding process. The alternative would be to have the whole thing rotate out from a single joint instead of two joints, which looks less cool. (More moving parts = more coolness)

lol Omnilord…you didn’t get the memo?

Very cool…and as Peter18 said, welcome to the club!
A couple of thoughts…
You might want to look at MakeHuman to make your characters…I definitely applaud anyone who makes their own, but if you have more than a couple (I have over 10 so far), it helps to concentrate on the piles of other modeling you have to do.
A suggestion on textures (i.e. underside landing), use a tileable texture ( and bump up the mapping so it gives it a bit more detail…right now it kind of gives it the appearance of a low poly video game (unless that’s the look you’re going for).
Good work!

This is the second character I am working on. I really want to do the main characters myself, because I really need more practice doing characters. I need a couple more for the next scene, so I’ll be posting characters WIP’s for a while here.

Here is my first pass for the interior of the room where my heroin is hiding. It’s supposed to be some kind of electric transformer array. Every cable will be connected to one of the complicated appliances on the right wall, like the left few are.

Looks pretty good. You must be a hell of a drug addict if you need that much space to store your heroin :RocknRoll:. It would certainly be an entertaining story if your heroine were to stumble across an entire room filled with drugs. Looking closely, stairs in the background are missing a guard railing.

Good job so far especially with the amount of details you have to work on.

Most every cable is connected to something useless now. It was actually kind of relaxing to lead the cables to where they would be useful one by one.
Heroin was a misspelling of heroine, though some drugs might be a interesting twist.

My materials! I was surprised to see how well object random works with group instances. For the lights in the background, all I need to do is use a series of greater than nodes on object info -> random, and it’ll make a different combination for every machine in the background.

High-res closeup of one of the machines in the background. I quite like them.
I always love getting comments & feedback!

Nice, looks kind of like a dark and dingy place where something’s going to happen! Control panels are always fun…nice texture.

Added some detail to the green machines, which are supposed to be some kind of transformer. This camera perspective also shows how all the cables interconnect a bit better.

wire-frame of the cables. Most are pretty short, but a few take the longest possible way to get to their destination. Most follow a pretty logical path from start to finish though.

My third character. I need some ideas for the design of his shirt. He is the assistant of the general, and mostly responsible for diplomacy (though he has no authority to represent anything.)

A space hangar is needed for the next scene. Spent a little to much time perfectly rigging the mechanical arm refueling thing. I am gonna need a lot more details on the walls and stuff, but it’ll come.

Nice! I’m a sucker for mast-like structures too…they help make this scene.

A crane! Rigging the winches is somewhat needlessly confusing. I kinda expect the curve modifier to at least have an option to just follow the curve instead of requiring the object to be in some arbitrary position to work properly. Even at this resolution, the cables are hardly actually visible :*-(.
I still have a lot of empty space to fill. Hope some random pipes on the walls is sufficient.