Another Simple Living Room

Size: Real world size.

Rendering Engine: Cycles

Samples: 100 (not final)

Resolution: default

My skill level: Noob

Lighting: Sun, and an HDRI

Color Management: Filmic (Base contrast)


Green Floor? Green carpet.

Look up blender portals on youtube for your lighting, It’ll do your noise reduction good. Red and green are horrible color combinations. Search the web for some nice color tone combinations for your interior. Try to think of a reason for the image to exist. If this was a picture on your friend’s phone and he’s show you it; your reaction is the same as mine now: “meh”

Good luck!

Hey, Claus, thanks for the critique. Story? Well, to be honest, I don’t know what story means in terms of architectural renders. Like, check this pic out, what’s the story in this case? What’s story? Can you or anyone please explain me? Here is the pic:

I will definitely change the color to more pleasing to the eye. As for the noise reduction, I used only 100 samples. Is this could be the cause of noise? I, well, again rendered this at 1500 samples and it is more clear now. It took 6:30 hours for this at default resolution:

I did it in the morning, that’s why no color change.

Is that all? or it needs more changing or improvements?

Sorry, but I still cannot think of a reason for this image to exist. I just tried to model a living room with simple basic furniture and all. I wanted to add carpet but my 3GB RAM computer kept crashing at rendering. Ha ha.

And can you or anyone tell me why there is a pure white cut-out in the window?

A Quick view sampled at 100 only, for now. I guess it is better, or not? I am not so sure if I should make the sofa set of wood with the same material as of the table. Or if I should just keep at as plain fabric.

As Claus mentioned, you need to work on your light first. In the picture above it comes from behind and not the window. Could be that there is another windows as well outside the camera, but still… to little light. Try a spot or plane with emissionshader through the window and an area lamp just beneath the roof (or make the roof emission as well since it will not be visible on the scene). It will give you a basic ligting and then you can of course do a lot more. Check out youtube examples from people like “BlenderGuru”.

Also I don’t know your computer, but 6 hours for that room seems a lot. Are you sure you are running on GPU and not CPU? If on GPU have you put the size of the sample squares to 256x256? The last image I will show beneath took my computer about 6 minutes (1500 samples), so even if you have an older I still think 6 hours is way to much.

I have made a very simple room (no furnitures) to show the result. First image 100 samples and the next 1500 samples. Also filmic colour to make it equal to your image. AS you can see there are hardly any fireflies on picture no 2. Then you can also do a lot of settings to reduce the remaining ones as well, but don’t start with that. Just add light.

(just 100 samples)

(1500 samples)

Hey, MagicGlow. Thanks for the feedback. I have followed and seen most of the videos of Blender Guru. The light is coming from the windows, not back. I have removed the curtain from the windows that is not visible, maybe that’s why the lighting looks weird.

I know about the sample thing. The reason I sampled them at 100 is because I want to give a preview. When the coloring and modelling and all that goes right, I will give it more samples to reduce fireflies.

My PC (Laptop):

Processor: i3

I am using CPU. Since I don’t have a GPU, I cannot make the tiles go 256x256 :frowning: I saw on Blender Guru’s website that on CPU, the default tile size is the fastest.

I cannot go above 1500 samples. It will probably take more than 10 hours if I go above 1500 :frowning: I will work more on lighting :slight_smile:

Another thing I forgot to mention. The HDRI I am using shows overcast weather. That is why I am not giving a stronger light. I guess you understand what I am trying to say here.

The room is fully closed. There are two windows in the left wall, one has curtain. The light is only from sun lamp and HDRI. The sun lamp is placed on the left side of the room.

Apart from lighting, is everything else seems okay?