Another simple problem...

hi again,
Sorry to keep on asking such simple problems, but ive only been usiong blender for a couple of days, though i think that i am making really good progress with the interface.
Anyway, here is my problem, Im follwing tutorials, and experementiong on my own, but sometimes im having trouble grouping objects.
Say for example im on the Gingerbread Tutorial, (again,) Ive added eyes to the main body, now how do i make it so that the eyes and the main body become one single entity? Say for example, i click and rotate the body, but the eyes stay in their own place, instead of rotating with the body.
I cant seem to work out how to group them together.

Any help would be nice, Thanks.

You need good Parenting. That is, select the child object, in your case the Eye object, then Shift-select the parent, in your case Gus’s body. the Press Ctrl-P and verify “Make Parent”. Now the eyes will follow the body no mater what you do to it.

Well, there are a couple of ways to do what you want:

The better way (for animation) is to keep them as separate objects (or entities as you call them), but have the eyes follow the body/head. To do this, you need to parent them to the body, i.e. the eyes become a “child” of the body/head. You do this by selecting the eyes, then shift-selecting the body (press Shift RMB), then press Control P.
More info here:
(includes more advanced grouping).

If you really do want to join the objects together (not the best idea in this case), you select them and press Control J.


Wow, thanks for the help, ill give that a try, One other problem is however, that this seems to happen automatically for some reason, I would make a mouth or some thing and it would become gingerbvread colour, and i cant seem to select it without selecting the whole body, while leaving the eyes independant and unseleceted.
Does that make sense?
Its an annoying little gripe, but i cant get my head around it. :frowning:

You added the mouth will you were in Edit mode on the body. This makes the mouth mesh part of the body object. To separate it, select all the faces for the mouth, and press P. This will make the Mouth its own object, like the eyes are now. In the Future, if you want to add a new independent object, make sure you are in Object mode first, before adding a new mesh.

And, if you want to select individual entities of a mesh quickly (i.e. for selecting the mouth), press L while hovering over them.

to supplement egan’s reply, L means 'L’inked. While you hover the cursor over a mesh during edit mode, then press L, you get to select all the vertices the are linked to the one you are hovering over :slight_smile: