Another, slightly different, multiple material quandry

First post on here.

I’ve been learning/using blender for about a yr and now need a little specific help regarding applying 4 materials to what will be a rectangular section ring i guess…or a torus but with flat sides, top and bottom.

I understand that it is possible to attach materials to vertices by selecting and assigning them via the materials pallet but i need to have smooth transition between materials not abrupt edges where faces end, if that makes sense.
I’ve not found the correct solution after searching forums.
Can someone please point me in the right direction…not sure i can attach any images being a newb but will gladly email to anyone that can help.

If you search for for “innovative o” logo on google images it will become much clearer…basically a 3d version of this kind of thing. (i think i just managed to upload a rubbish version of my own)

Many thanks for any help.



Sounds like you’ll be best just to UV unwrap your object and create an image texture, then apply the texture to your object.

Man that was a quick response…(wish i’d still been up to respond.) Thanks Richard,

Is UV unwrapping the only was to achieve this?
I’ll be checking out tutorials on the process today if so.

Are there any issues wth matching colours with other objects in the scene if i go this route?

Well… the UV mapping seems to have gone ok. need a bit of practice before i understand exactly how to mark seems so it’s easier to work with.