Another soap ad.

Not too much blender here…

What parts of that are blender? :-?

the soap and the bubbles? :slight_smile:

For a soap named after Picasso, there’s not much Picasso in there:/

I think this is amazing. I like the composition a lot. It is true that the picasso feeling is not really there but the idea is great. I like the butterflies and the elf / angel is great looking. The soap logo is also very good.

Keep it up!


Sorry but I’m not sure you have Hoon’s autorisation for using his artwork, without even giving his name. <— image used is the 3rd image on this thread.

I think the moderators should remove this thread.
I can’t stand people stealing someone else artwork :< :< :<

Yes, I admit that I used Hoon’s work without asking him :expressionless: sorry to those who thought I drew that. Tis for a chemistry school project and already told my teachers that its from there. But I forgot about that when I posted it here. THIS WORK IS NOT MINE!! Whew, that’s better!

thats absolutely not ok
it is okay to forget to write that it is not entirely from you,
but to use an imame of an artist without asking him/her is really dishonest and not ok
and you should apologize by the artist I M M E D I A T E L Y

I’ve sent an e-mail to hoon about this.