Another song (scroll down for updates)

Second song on my second day in a row:

mmmmmmmmm nice full chords. I think I’m on a roll here. Still a wip of course, but feel free to comment anyway.

By the way, I also updated the other song, which can be found on the other thread or right here.


one more short clip:

and an update on that:

i liked the first one better, but that’s probably caused by my expectations - i don’t know what your music is intended for, and somehow that influences how much & if I enjoy it.
Nightlife is moody, has a certain swing to it. The last instrument that falls into play (keyboard-like sound) sounds too flat for the piece, it disturbs the calm … uhm… nightlife.
I think something like a flute would do much better. And it could be longer :smiley:
it’s good!
And stique - depends on what you want to do with it. I think if you can create some Kruder&Dorfmeister-like drum’n’bass sound, it would be really cool.

Keep it up!

Hey! Cool :D. What’re you using to make this music??

Nightlife is cool. The kick is almost untelligible. Haven’t been able to listen to it on anything but headphones though, so can’t say for sure. Snare is super flat sounding. I don’t like it personally but I suppose it’s a perference thing. The drums make the song sound very computery… Like an emulation.

The other song is interesting. This is not a style of music I’m used to. Someone mentioned K&D, but that’s a lot different from this in that that is really produced (everything is big), while these drums are soft.

Interesting stuff.



I’m rather lost with stique, but nightlive is nice.
I would bring the kick up a little bit. The hi-hats should be rather in the background, they get on my nerves as is. I could imagine a nice jazzy bassline, but then you would have to keep the organ out of the low frequency domain.

Hi Baboon

keep on wit the tunes. That last one was very Jazz/latenite. Are you just using loops or doing your own bits as well? Look forward to hearing more

I especially liked the second… but, maybe I’ve already listened to it, it sounds familiar…

cool. very snazzy.

what??? people are replying to this?! I poisted this a long time ago…

anyway, I never use any pre-made loops, to answer one question. I dont plan to use these for anything, or to expand on them for anything. The reason the drums sound flat and all is because they are computer samples. (only individual samples; no loops) I’m not really into making it sound real, or even decent for that matter; only the composistion counts. Anyway, I was hoping that Stique is not a song anyone is used to since it kinda came out of nowhere. I set out making it not knowing where it would go, and thats where it ended up. Anyway, now that I’m getting some feedback I think I’ll make some more stuff for fun… Maybe out of a strange single sound sample, like a hand clap or something! :smiley:

Do you have an orginal midi-files?
I would like to look at them, and play some with them. I won’t spread them… :slight_smile:

actually, I used Fruityloops to create these songs, so if you have Fruityloops, I can send you the files and the samples…

I have FL, it would be nice to check the files… if you can send em to me… of course…

the second is very good …
Nice work

it’s remind me the movie Clock Work Orange
Stanley Kubrick …

I actually (to my own surprise) havent seen Clock work Orange.
man… I dont know what I was thinking with that song…

well, I was playing around with 5/8 time sig and I got this short clip:

is it worthy of continuing?

Yes I have fruityloops.

Excellent Baboon.

The 5-8 diddy is too short, I’d like to hear it lengthened (particularily because I’ve never heard an entire song with a 5-8 time signature).

okay thegameboy, by your request heres a longer version with a 6/8 section.

its kinda weird becuase you dont even notice when it goes into 6/8 yet you can feel the difference… yea…


oh yeahhhh

that’s a cheery little number Baboon. You’ve managed to get those time signatures to work quite nicely there.

ouch 5/8 that’s tough to make work. I’d try 7/8 first, that’s a bit easier to make work.

have you had a look at yet? there’s some free samples there including better drum sounds that you’re using now.

I think a lot of your synth work is a bit too far out of phase… could be a problem if you want mono compatibility.