another space, another time, an undiscovered world

Somewhere else, in another space, another time, an undiscovered fantasy world exists.
Intelligent creatures called Ecro’s are the fear of many living things in that world.

One day, a scientist figured out how to travel to this fantasy world and witnessed an Ecro killing a dino like beast. Suddenly he was seen by the Ecro… …

I dedicate this work to my father-in-law who just started his fight against cancer.

A link to a higher resolution:

I’m still dissecting it in my mind. 4*s

Good luck for you father-in-law and his fight.

I’ll come back and drop some critique in this post if anything meaningful comes into my mind. :slight_smile: The only comment I have now is that the dead dinosaurs material looks a bit too plastic like. I’m not sure if you used a specular map, but the specular highlights seem to be too even.

Great work anyway. :slight_smile:

Thanks Wereaser!

It looks like you have put alot of effort into this scene Wim. I remember seeing your thread where you modeled the character, nice scene. I do agree that the dinosaurs material looks off.