Another Space Scene

(BgDM) #1

Well, since [email protected] showed everyone how to do it, here is another one from me! :smiley:

I made the Nebulea texture myself in Photoshop with about 10 layers and a few adjustment layers. The planet and the moon textures I have had for a while. I lit the planet and the moon using radiosity to get the nice gradient shadow line and placed a layer only lamp to light the nebulae.

Let me know what you think, and if your getting bored of seeing these things? (j/k :wink: . I plan on doing a lot more of these. Just have to get my ship modelling down a bit more).


(snailrose) #2

Nice pic very dreamy :smiley:
It needs more nebula though


(paradox) #3

Very nice I love that planet. Perhaps vary the colors on the stars, and make the nebula a little bigger but fading out along the edges not sure If I’m clear on what I mean here.
Still very nice space scene.

(BgDM) #4

Thanks for the reply guys. I agree about the nebulae more after I look at this image. I can change that.

Yep, I got ya. I actuall could scale up the plane that the image is applied to. The texture image is like 1500x300 pixels. That would probably help it out.

I have varied the colour of the stars slightly, (set to like 0.05), so it is not that noticable.


(Alltaken) #5

blur he background a bit i say.

satelite and telescope photos always look a bit grainy. i think it would make it look more natural :smiley:

(paradox) #6

BgDM ah I took another look at the picture and then I saw the variation in color, didn’t notice the first time because of either my moniter or probably my eyes. :slight_smile: Subtle is good. As for the blurriness in the background depends on the person, alltaken, personally I think it looks more like a shot from space which without the interference of atmosphere would be much clearer. But I not knocking your suggestion just giving another opinion.
By the way BgDM I also really like the star in the lower right. Adds a nice artistic touch to the scene. Want to see more space pictures from you please.

(S68) #7


nice planets, nice nebula, the bright star is not as beautiful as the rest, but this is Blender’s fault. The ‘Rings’ in halo material doesen’t lokk right, always too blocky…

ah, yes, we’re getting bored :slight_smile:


(EnV) #8

I really like a lot the planet’s textures and light. The moon is too little to be clearly visible, I think… and the nebula don’t looks as a nebula to me, but this is not a easy task. May be starting from a nebula image downloaded from is better. :stuck_out_tongue:


(stephen2002) #9

you should be able to make a much more belivable nebula using procedrual textures in blender such as combinations of clouds and marble.

(BgDM) #10

I actually thought about that. However, I found a PS tute on making nebuleas and thought I would try it out. It came out pretty good, but I think I could have done a little better.

Thanks for the comment.