another spiral question

i saw the other spiral question and it reminded me of one of those ideas of the past i worked.
Included below i have a spiral path and i like the cube to folow it , however it turns and twists wrongly, it sarts ok, but after a while it starts to spin. so what do i do wrong.

spiral.blend (482 KB)

probs curve origin/position- twisting, mesh origin/position. Fixed:

how did you untwist the spiral ??

In the Curve tab in properties panel there is a Twisting option. There PyroGXPilot chosen Z-Up.

I’m using the latest Blender version but … where is that option ??
I dont see it, looking inside properties editor, object tab (small cube) up axis z was allready at Z, and there is no untwist there
Neither there is one at the tab with curve icon.