Another "Stone" Weekend Challenge

Here it is… someone had to do it I guess
The whole picture is here

Any tips on doing a good procedural rock texture? I think it’s almost there, but not “craggy” enough.

Well, I tend to use largish Wall-in-stucci texture also for bumpmapping rocks. It should be also quite deep, at least 2 or 3 (the Nor-value). For the base rock texture I use several layers of small and medium cloud-texture, with varying settings… I can post a file with the texture I used in my entry, if you like to see what I mean?

Thanks for the tip, I added a medium sized, high contrast cloud bump to it and that seems to have helped.

The pic is updated with the new rock texture.

I really like this one. It has a certain “painted” atmosphere about it that’s both mysterious and magical and given the content I’d say that was intended.

Since I couldn’t get the photorealism in place properly given the timeframe, thought I’d go for drama instead. I’m just amazed I actually got that across to someone…

Give me a paintbrush and you’ll be like, “oh, nice car… er… bike… er… elephant… what the hell is it supposed to be again?”

Nice pic, conveys the feeling well.

And I know the feeling about painting or drawing, but give us a computer and blender and we can do amazing things.

Well done man,
the lighting is mjammjam…, very cool.

For rocktextures i use always t_clouds texture plugin --> gives very good results IMHO.

An example:
in the first texturechannel i used the t_clouds texture plugin and in the second one a normal clouds texture with colorband.
It looks like a wet, with moss-covered stone.
If you want the blendfile i can send you PM.