Another super bowl Sunday, another super bowl I don't care about.

I mean what’s the point for the super bowl other then the commercials and the food. I’d rather watch cute puppies play in Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl.

My family is at a friend’s house glued to the football game, I don’t really care about it at all, though the commercials are better then last year’s.

Oh no you didnt.

This Was The Greatest Superbowl Ever!!!

Whatever happened to manly sports
Seems they’re all "THAT GUY USES 'ROIDS :open_mouth: " and “OW I FELL ON MY ASS, RUB IT! RUB IIIIIITTTT IT HURTS”

I hear they wouldn’t let a guy with 2 prosthetic legs enter the olympics because he has an unfair advantage over other sprinters. Sounds like the other sprinters just need to get better IMO, instead of complaining about how badass the other guy is

Actually he is slower than all the able bodied athletes by a margin. Having an unfair advantage doesn’t mean you are the best…


the pats lost. i feel like i´m gonna cry or puke!
and maybe both at the same time

One thing’s for sure about this Super Bowl…it’ll be the ending to a sports movie about the Giants someday. You heard it from here first.