Another super wu

Here’s my rendition of Super Wu master of all that is sexy!!

Here’s another angle that shows how nicely he fills out his spandex:

Not the best model, it’s very jagged, the spandex is not smooth, the face is not textured, and the face doesn’t even have those nasty looking fake teeth. It Just looks like a generic superhero with a W on his forehead.

Yait’s kinda jagged cuz I overdid on the muscles… as for texturing I suck at that so I dont even try…

uhm thats okay for a start… U might want to add a little more “Super Wu” on him… the mask, fake teeth, and so on… :smiley:

umm thats one alterd makehuman wu :smiley:

five stars from me, i dont know what you people are complaining about, all the details are right on, especially the detail in the second photo, the ladies know what i’m talking about,

man M3at, now i feel bad for making fun of you calling you m3at comet and all, great image!:smiley:

here he is a little less jagged:

It’s a little known fact, but the lump in the second picture you see is not actually Wu’s… “man” reigon (as he may want you to think), but rather a unique gland in which he stores his ego like a camel. any mention of his name causes it to expand… any 3d image of him, doubly so.