Another superhero-type game.

Well, I couldn’t really think of anything else so I decided to try out another hero-based action/adventure game.

This one will be much different than my previous one:
Static Shock!

The new one will be based off of one of Marvel’s well-known characters:
Captain America

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Why would you make a Captain America game when Marvel just released a game featuring him?”, well to be honest, I just wanted to. I didn’t have anything else to do, so…

Ok, at the moment I don’t know where the level will be set. I might set him in a small city(already modelled & textured) or some kind of fortress complex. To cut back on FPS, only two armatured characters will be on screen at a time. That means the only other armatured character will be a boss character. The other enemies will probably be some droids or something. I’m going to try for 4 characters on-screen at once: Captain America and three enemies. He’s also going to have two battle stances: Armed(shield) and Unarmed(hand-to-hand).

Armed Attacks (incomplete)Shield is on his arm.
Shield Throw
Cyclone Attack(hold shield & spin in a circle)
Defend(hold shield to block attacks)
Rush/Charge(ram enemies with shield)
Shield/Punch combo(?)

Unarmed Attacks (incomplete)Shield is on his back.
Throws(hard as hell to animate and program, so not guaranteed)
Dodge(instead of using the shield to deflect attacks, you will dodge them)

This seems like quite a bit but it’s not, really. My last project, an action/adventure game based on the anime Big-O, took nearly 3 months to complete alone, and featured 4 playable characters with their own levels. I’d post some screens, but I really don’t feel like uploading them now. If someone wants to see some early concept vids check out My Videos at:

NOTE: I’m not sure if anyone notices, but I’ve improved on my character texturing. Cap’s upper body came out much better than his lower. I still have to finish texturing his gloves and his boots.

Sorry for this really long post.

Character looks good, maybe a little too muscled for my taste. It seems to narrow a little too much at the shoulder and make him look kind of balloony.

yh looks good, is the other character yours?

Yeah, all characters and levels were done by me.

I’ll reshape the torso and maybe “deflate” some of his muscles.

Actually I think the muscles look good for Captain America. I use to be a Captain America comic book collector. The only problem I see is around the nose of the mask. Something looks off.

Ok now I see it. You narrow the biceps right under the armpits too much. That is what looks "ballony. Other then that pretty good.

i think it looks about right for captain america, he is a pretty buff dude.