Another sword...

Swords seem to be a popular items for people new to blender to try and make, and sience I’m new I though I would go ahead and post the first sword I made. Actually, the only sword I have made.

I’m not much beyond this, and it isn’t skinned yet; but you’l live. This is… I think about the 3rd or 4th worth while object I had made in Blender; and Blender is the first and only 3D modeling program I have used.

Enough talk, here 'tis:

C&C are welcome. Remember it was mad to be a model, not a fancy render, so I didn’t do any subsurfacing or any other fancy render technologies that the game engine wont be able to suport.


umm i think this belongs in the works in progress fourms nice start tho

fudge, wtf are you talking about?

nice sword


Handle (for lack of a better word) needs to be set smooth, but other than that, good job.

are you just gonna use one solid texture for the whole sword because the handle looks just like the rest of the sword. you could make the ball of the handle some kinda gem or something.

Indeed it is a good start.

I think fudge was correct in saying this belongs in the Wip forum.

It seems Cyberace means to continue to work on this piece.

IMHO, when you present work in the ‘finished work’ forum, it is just that, finished. People will crit differently depending on whether or not you are presenting your piece as finished.

just my 2 cents.

not bad, so far, u may want to set smooth the bottom of the handle though.

Fudge is right. Move to WIP section. Good start!