another "the Exodus" pic...:)

(Ecks) #1

The Exodus story:
It’s about a specy called “The Yuhm” that must exode their planet because its no longer habitable (polution/nuclear war/chimical war etc…) After a very very long journey they finally find a planet but they have to fight again a specy called Mhane to have it…but something more dangerous is coming…something as old as the galaxy…something that do not know fear…

ok I managed to finish the Mahn MotherShip (at the right of the pic) so now I have to mak more fighter and bomber! I just made a test to see if I will be able to anim all the laser in the battle. This is a pic from a test movie I made and I am pretty happy on how it work! :smiley:

I want some suggestion or comment on this one! :smiley: I hope you like it but don’t forget, this is just a test!

(EnV) #2

I think that the planet should be more bright; at least if it has an atmosphere.


(Ecks) #3

Yea I know, but as I said, this is just a test to see if my laser system work well! anyway thanks for the comment!

([email protected]) #4

XW its good only thing i have wrong with it is the particle explosions u want me to tell u how to do them a little better?.. make it realistic

(Ecks) #5

how to make them more realistic?

(jordanH) #6

you might want to add more color to the lasers and lengthen them