Another translucent cell

(mr.yeti) #1

A sample of the cell I prepared for a medical animation,
feel free to comment :slight_smile:


(Arnis) #2

wow, nice! A cool touch of the little floating parts.

What kind of cell is it?

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(mr.yeti) #3

Thank you for commenting. Some kind of tumor cell…


(Member) #4

Oh man good work…

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(smilebags) #5

Nice work. The subsurface looks excellent but the small particles look a bit odd with the edge glow appearance they have. They look a bit cartoony in comparison to the main cell.

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(Shashwat Patkar) #6

ugly but cool, ugh it’s beautiful


(Tea_Monster) #7

Nice work!

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(mr.yeti) #8

Here is the finished version of the animation. It requires some minor corrections as always. But in a very limited time I got significantly good results…

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(kat301020) #9

Great work! Very atmospheric. Surface, lights and shadows looks realistic. Well done! :slight_smile: :+1: :

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(b2przemo) #10

good render… I like the shading especially and translucent shader looks very nice
kept medical mood no doubt :grinning:

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(Ryan) #11

how did you achieve this look? I’m exploring blender but I have no idea how to get something like this