another try at an f1

I really started to hate my old f1, it just seemed to run out of potential so i started another one. i’m pretty happy with the gothic look it’s starting to get but theres still heaps of work to be done, including some surroundings which i suck at :expressionless:

Wow that is pretty gnarly looking. I like it.

wow sweet modeling…I gotta see this in yafray render.

Well Wicked!!!

I’d change the “bubble” cockpit thingy first though :wink:

Awesome design. Really different and stylish.


I like it! Very stylish, and quite organic looking. Stick with this one!

Thanks for the comments so far guys. I took your advice macouno and tried a new cockpit and i’m not sure how it looks or what other designs would fit, so any ideas?

The new one:

Preferred the original. This doesn’t fit at all, as the rest of the design is organic-ish, while this is more traditional and too square for the concept.

I didn’t have any problems with the original myself.

Very nice!
Try an open cockpit. Everyone knows that “real” F1 cars have an open cockpit (and wheels to but I won’t go there…). :slight_smile:

Superb! It’s like one of those super alien ships that appear and disapear… man… good job!

Nice work Syn.

:o :o 8)

Wow, cool concept and excelent modeling.


Looks good, in my mind it would kind of like undulate or something like that as it movd, i like it.

Okay, i changed the cockpit back but made it a little more slim-lined and put a seat in it.

wow, fantastic stuff, i really lie this one. try removing the cockpit cover alltogether, or at least just have a small shield thing at the front. very nice.

absolutaly amazing design, the best i have seen so far!!!

the competitors are going to have a hard time beating this.


PS:can we see a view of the back pls

As requested, a view of the back. There are a few bits at the back of the main pod that still need to be fixed or added but i needed to make a start on the surroundings so i took a break from the racer and didn’t get around to them yet.

About the cockpit… how about maybe covering the rear of the cockpit with something so that it’s not a complete bubble.

Hey! get this thing out of the contest!! :<
Don’t wanna lose this time!!! :x
(ok, man give me your bank account and make your prize! :expressionless: )

Realyyyy good!

I must work nicely, precisely, hardly and without fear this time, after what I saw!!

congratulations, it’s very good!


It looks very good.

But I must add a little sour note to all the nice comments you had so far :

This is not a F1!

Why ? In a technologicaly based competition, and F1 is certainly one, form will always fit function as you don’t have any gramm to lose for design.

Your fins (the front part which is curvy) either are needed for function (and it should show how, eg as support for a field) and their form will be strictly what is needed, or they are only for the fancy part and it is not a F1 but a really good gentleman sport car.

Now if we take apart those fins, the rest is very interesting