another vehivle that I am working on....custom of course

Hi again everyone! its been awhile since I was able to post. But I was moving and working alot…now that I am free I figured I would start another project. Any feedback positive or negative is welcome! Thank you all!


nice but it looks like a pickup car :slight_smile: i don’t know, maybe i’m blind ;p
will u give more clear shots, and more light would be nice.

also the front tire look like it’s tilted. is it a feature or a mis.

I agree with bat3a, there needs to be more lighting and the wheel needs to be centered on it’s axis. Maybe rotated on the z a little, ut not sideways like that. It just doesn’t look very natural. The rest of the car though is very nice. Especially the front, how the grill is really close to the ground. Fix the wheel and add more lighting, and it will add more to the entire scene. Good Job.

thank you for the suggestions! The are appreciated…I will work on the lighting and getting more detailed pics up here. As far as the front wheels they are actually supposed to be like that when you put an air bag suspension system on a vehicle. The tilt is caused by the extreme “Drop” or ride height. This is due to the fact that the control arms only tilt so far without causing the wheel to as well…But I will align them properly so you can see them that way as well…and it does look like a mustang and a truck made a baby…lol…due to chopping the top and making it a convertable with the hard cover on the back.

it looks like you’ve saved the red star texture as a .jpg and the compression shows on the side render. either that or its from cached aao or something.