another video game post but I think it's a bit underrated

I don’t know if anyone here has ever played the syphon filter series but I think it’s one of the best games series I’ve ever played. Forget the James Bond, Timesplitters, perfect dark, no-one lives forever, this game rocks. The fmv is superb and the gameplay is awesome. I haven’t played the latest one that’s on the PS2 but I had the first two in the series on the PS1 and loved every minute. You even get a tazer to zap people with.

check out the site:

you need to enter a name (any name really) on the left and submit like you’re playing a game. Then you get a map to pick a level. It’s all shockwave so you’re better with broadband and a fast machine. You might want to right-click and lower the quality. There’s also an added site that you have to enter more details and you get a more in depth view of the game plot (the games have really compelling storylines).

only game you’ll ever need

I’ve never played Halo. I’ve heard good things about it, though. I think you get it for Mac but my hardware couldn’t run it. Is it worth getting an XBox for? That’s probably the cheapest way and I could play Halo 2. Actually the thought of spending money on a Microsoft product just made me feel a bit queasy ;). I’ll probably just stick with Syphon Filter for now.

I remember that, on the old PS(1) site ( blah), FF7 was on first place, then Syphon Filter, then…er…some fighting game.

That and This

halo…2… drools

The real only game you’ll ever need