Another walk cycle WIP

My first walk cycle since… whoa, since the days of IKAs. Yeah.

It’s good and small, even you on dial-up might be able to check this out in a reasonable amount of time. Let me know if the codec’s not working for you, and you actually care. :-?

…and I know he’s anorexic. That’s how he’s supposed to be.

(squat like duck and walk)

his legs kinda move ahead of him, making him appear weightless, and his legs never straighten, hence the squat like duck comment.

Hmmm…yeah is there a reason he is squating?? Hmm, lets see, he should bob up and down when walking…Not so steady like a plank of wood. And his legs seem to go ahead of him, and then he seems to go ahead of his legs…that shouldn’t happen, lol. he is looking kind of robotic write now.

Visit this link for more reference:

Yeah have the legs stretch out completely where he puts them down… and make sure you do something with the hips… they need to move to counter the legs slightly.

O and though idleworm’s tut is a great starting point, his anim is very toony… people don’t bob up and down that much. he slightly exagerates everything.

Record yourself walking then watch the video. Or have a friend walk and watch him then try and recreate it. Actually, I kinda like the way the dude walking though…

Thanks all for the crits. The reason he’s kinda squatting is because the dang armature bends his knees backwards at certain points if I don’t. Is there any way to lock a joint from bending backwards?

Thanks for the link Ataryu, I’ll look into that.

Right now I’m animating him by dividing it all up into 10-frame bits (1-11-21-31…). Ignoring the first ten, because that’s how he starts from a standstill, each ten frames has his body moving 10 units forward, and one foot moving 20 units. Then I go to the middle of the foot movement, and raise it. The hands I’m still working on.

…is this a bad way to animate walking?

I rendered a side view, so I can nit-pick.

Any more comments?

At least his feet aint sliding.

I came across this. Put the foot roughly where you want it even if the legs inverted and then rotate the upper leg (thigh, whatever) as much as you can so that the leg corrects itself. For some reason I haven’t fiqured out it just remembers that that is the way it should be.

You have to make sure that you rotate it a whole bunch though. Like move the mouse in circles. If you don’t then it can be a fraction out and it doesn’t remember.

I’ll post my cycle to see what ya’ll think.

Mr Wonka.