another way to edit morf targets?

I found this link on 3DTotal, seemed interesting.

I was wondering if maybe such a thing would also be possible in blender?


Something similar is possible in Maya by using “driven keys”. It would make a great feature in Blender, it’s great for character rigging. I think its only possible now by using Python.

You can create sliders to morph a mesh using RVK’s (relative vertex keys) in your animation. Example:

Split your screen into two windows; one a 3d widow, and the other an action window.

Say you have a human head. Select it. press the i key. Select your mesh, and then relative key. You will notice now in the action window a button appears called sliders with an arrow to the side of it. press the arrow. now with the mesh selected, press the i key again, and then press mesh. Now a slider is actually created in the actions buttons called key 1. Right click the name and a dialog box appears that allows you to change the name. Name it “Smile”. now enter edit mode on your mesh, and change the verticies of the mouth to form a smile. go back into object mode and your mesh reverts back to normal. however, adjust your slider and watch the smile grow.

if you do a search on Relative vertex keys, you should be able to find some good tutorials. You can create several RVK mesh deformations and use them in conjunction with each other. other examples of this are facial animations, lip synchronization…

Of course, to create an animation with it, you still have to set your keys on different frames.

have fun with it though.

The tutorial “Wiring a Control Board” is about wirering morphs to custum build controls. It explains the use of “wire parameters”, this feature is not exclusive to morphs but can be used to link any paramater to a custom control setup. Maya has this feature too, its called “driven keys”. The “Blend shapes” (or morphs) in Maya have a default slider system like Blender’s RVK’s but with driven keys you can link them to any paramater, so it’s not realy the same thing.


I found this at the French zoo-logique web site I think this is very close to this topic.
I am trying to fathom the applications that you can achieve with this idea.
What do you think?