Another Wine Glass...

Just another fluid sim. For issues i had:

  1. Couldn’t get the liquid to look smooth like liquid.
  2. The wine glass was an obstacle but some of the liquid still intersected.

Any solutions to these problems would be good. Anyway here is what I came out with.

Critiques and comments welcome, and I did some extra stuff in photoshop.

try sub surf the fluid or set the smooth to 2. It is really close to boing a very impressive image - check out

I’ve got a subsurf level of 3 and and set smooth and just looks bumpy. I think its the fluid is there something within the fluid simulation that could cause this.

That happens with my fluid simulations all the time, no matter how much I sub surf and smooth it it always looks bumpy and fake.

I played around with fluid sims a while back and felt that it couldn’t lower the viscosity even close to water.

It would help if you could tell us the settings you used, like the fluid resolution. If you want to post the .blend file, that could help even more.

It looks like a few materials changes could help too. There is a lot of contrast in the wine material, meaning perhaps certain rays need a bit more bouncing around…

Wierd, but looks nice x)
Be careful with the modifier stack. Play around with it…Maybe, you should set up a subsurf modifier before and after the fluid modifier. I haven’t achieved a fine fluid in blender yet, but while playing with around with cloth sim I’ve learnt that the size of the objects is just as important as the proportions x). It is crucial to set up the right size and dist values for a cloth sim so I suppose that you should pay more attention for the size and the forces and other options. I hope my comment is useful for you. Keep it real x)

Yet another wine glass. I need something to drink now.

You can get it to look good without it looking bumpy and fake, water isn’t to hard either. Look at these two test scenes.