(another) WIP... my new mountain bike frame (update)

i had this in the general section, cause i didnt kno the best aproach to modeling it… ive done a bunch, everything on it so far (except the rear shock) and yea, ill add more once i buy the parts! lol (ima try to model everything: wheels, tires(maybe not), cranks, everything)


(dont you like the chrome?!?!? (its my first(not an Env map)))


Good start. looks like the seat is too small. The main frame looks a little “smooshy” too although it just might be the lighting, its alittle hard to see. looking forward to seeing the rest!


looks good! keep on going, like the man said, the seat looks too small.
don’t forget to add all the nice little details (grips, shifts, cables, quick release, etc()

Looks great, but isn’t that seat a bit smallish?

nice man, but your smothing is a little weird

make sure your mesh has no tri’s and that you’ve recalced all normals.

how do i make sure theres no tris?

By looking at it :wink: I think Jkey converts all possible tris to quads, although I’ve had a few surprises that way. Just check it and repair manually :smiley:

Looks good so far, yes the seat is a bit small, but you’ll fix that, right? Good luck with the gear derallieurs :wink:

yea, i will fix the seat… i guess it does look a bit small. the gear deraiulers will be very fun, and hard. remember, this is based on my actual bike, and i dont have any parts for it yet. (cept the seat). i will add everything as i get it. im running like 8 gears in the back, and just1 in the front. it’ll be hella sick. i had no idea how to go about modeling the frame, and ill show u a wire if u want. id re-model the frame, if u knew how to do it good.

The gears will be easier if you do them as bezier objects. You just create the profile of one tooth of the gear, duplicate it, and rotate it aound the 3d cursor. Attach all the pieces and then you set the depth and it will automatically fill it and extrude it.


good idea!
ill have to do that



hoping to get that wheelset this weekend…
u still think the seat is too small?

nice dude, could we see some more dtail on the tires? perhaps post us a render with all white material, no smoothing. it’d be good to see wire of the frame

here ya go :stuck_out_tongue:




34256 verts

Neat - I wondered how you’d done that scalloped in area on the frame :slight_smile:

okay, heres an update on the actual bike, ill be making the disk brake soon enough


P.S. sorry bout the black part, theres a naked chick on my wall lol

EDIT>> updated picture, i fixed the seat angle, it was weird before

Wow, awesome render, so much improvement, however it looks a little unrealistic where the bike meets the green cloth!! :wink:

Comparing the two the frame on the model dosn’t quite look the same, did you use a side-on photo as a reference, if not it might give better results.

Lokking good :smiley: :smiley:

no, i didnt have a picture loaded into blender, but thats only because i couldnt for the life of me figure out how… although, i had the bike frame right next to me, and a picture in the next window over, if u tell me how, ill use a side on ref. insode of blender…

If you’re using 2.30 then use the view menu on the headerbar for the 3d window, click on where it says “background image” i’ll pull up a floating window that should be self evident.
If you’re using pre-2.3 use alt-f7 (someone correct me if I’m wrong) and the window changes to the view properties to do the same stuff. you can use the headerbuttons to get back to the 3d view window afterwords.